Frequently asked questions

Did you know that at least 30 minutes of daily exercise can help prevent canine obesity, health problems, and even depression? We understand that there are days when you’re juggling a million tasks and priorities. And it’s hard to leave your put at home alone. That’s where Fit Doggo comes in. We’ll treat your bestie to the daily walk they need.

We know you have questions. This list of frequently asked questions should help. If your question isn’t addressed here, please e-mail for a quick response.


Where will you walk my dog?
We understand that your pet is a treasured family member and that you wouldn’t want them walked too far from home. We will start the walk outside your door and walk no further than 2km radius around your area so that you know exactly where we’ll be. We will also send photo updates to you via Whatsapp as well as a route report for your complete peace of mind.

Will my pet be safe with you?
We’re trained to be vigilant and to avoid dangerous situations. We don’t take your trust in us lightly and will protect and care for your pets as if they were our own.

What is included in the walk?
We will start off with a gently-paced one-hour walk (approximately 2kms). We are also happy to substitute the walk with an hour of playtime in your yard or at your nearest park for younger pups. We will closely monitor your dog’s energy levels and will make at least three water stops. We may also indulge your pup in a small treat or two (with your permission). For your peace of mind, we will also send you photo updates via Whatsapp throughout the session.

Will you feed my dog anything on the walk?
We don’t recommend feeding your dog during exercise, as this can cause digestive problems such as bloat. We may give them one or two small treats, with your permission. If your dog has any allergies, please let us know before the walk.

What if I don’t have a collar or leash for my dog?
We can bring our own Flexi Retractable leash along and we’re happy to purchase a new collar for you at an additional cost, which we will return to you after the walk. Simply tell us what size you need at checkout and we will bring it along to the walk.

What measures do you take to prevent heat stroke?
We map our routes to ensure that we walk in shady areas away from hot pavement to keep paws cool and comfortable. For bookings received during 12 pm and 3 pm when the sun is hottest, we advise another time slot in Summer. We provide access to fresh water to your pup at all times and will stop at least three times to rest and replenish your furbaby with cool water. Should your dog show any signs of heat stroke, such as rapid panting or reddening ears, we will notify you and immediately take him to the nearest vet.

My dog is ill, un-vaccinated or requires special care
If your dog is ill, un-vaccinated or requires special care, please let us know before the walk as we’ll need to make additional arrangements for your pup.

My dog has attacked other dogs or humans
We wouldn’t recommend that your dog is introduced to a busy dog park without sufficient training and socialising. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you. However, we would be happy to recommend a good training course to you if you contact us via e-mail.

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